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coinboy posted Jun 12 '18 at 1:32 pm
Hi forum

I'm sure everyone saw today that Ethereum Classic is going to be listed on Coinbase. By the time I found out, the value had already sky rocketed by 25%. This news was almost a guaranteed winner for the coin but once you find out it's already too late.

Does anyone know where you can find out info like this ahead of the masses???

tobes posted Jun 5 '18 at 9:44 pm
This is a pretty big step for Bitcoin/Cryptos I feel.

An entire shopping center where BTC can be used in every store.

I am quite surprised they chose to use bitcoin - transaction times can be so slow.

I don't think we will see this replicated across western Europe quite yet, nevertheless its great
recent by tobes  ·  Jun 6 '18 at 1:58 pm
What is in store for blockchain technologies over the next 5-15 years.

Personally I see blockchain as a whole being applied to a vast variety of industries and impact our lives in the same way the internet has done in the past 20 years.

Sadly, I think that we are currently seeing a free for all in terms of cryptocurrencies and at some stage the powers that be will surround cryptos in regu
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